External Links Policy for Turning Point Services, Ltd.

We have created this External Linking Policy to outline our requirements for accepting a link from an external site. Turning Point Services, Ltd. welcomes links from websites that strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth in this policy:

If you would like to backlink to the resources on the Turning Point Services, Ltd. website, please be sure that the following guidelines are strictly followed:

• The webpage where the link is being placed must be related to the contents of this website.

• The linking website should contain original content relevant to Turning Point Services, Ltd. and to the content on our site.

• No content on the Turning Point Services, Ltd. website may be copied or re-hosted on another website without consent of Turning Point Services, Ltd.

• Referral traffic coming from a backlinked site that is in violation of this policy will be blocked.

Please note that the content of this page can change without prior notice.

This External Links Policy was last updated on 09-25-2019.

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