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I've helped individuals and couples grow from the inside out. Whether you're wanting a fresh start or seeking focus I can help.

How I can help you. 

If you're looking for clarity and insight to move forward in life, then there is a number of ways I can help you. I love connecting people to inspired answers, a fresh start and clear focus.

Rita came into my life several years ago when I discovered her online at a time of great personal crisis. We met for a counseling session. For a full year I saw Rita regularly, having recognized my need for a steadying and trusted individual to help me navigate a personal crisis. She listens deeply with a spiritually-attuned ear. I am so grateful for Rita’s profound impact on my life. We remain in ongoing contact. Rita is genuine, gifted & deeply committed to her life’s work of assisting others reach their personal and professional goals.

- D. Barr

Specialty Services

Ultimate Energy Experience

Need to hit the reset button? Enjoy a dynamic and transformative experience to renew your body's energy, gain mental clarity and strengthen your spirit. This custom session combines dialogue with the inner self and healing practices that incorporate intuitive messages, aromatherapy, sound and bodywork. Don't miss this popular signature treatment to help you see new possibilities in your life and in your heart!

Intuitive Living

Are you curious about the voices in your head and how to be friends with them? Work with Rita to tap into and listen to your inner teacher. Identify key insights and learn specific tools to incorporate the sparks that can shed light on your life, relationships, health and beyond. Available techniques include breath work, guided visualization, writing and connecting with your spirit guides.

Meditation, Visualization and Relaxation

Breathe in and breathe out. Is it really that simple? In a private and serene setting, discover and apply this tried and true technique to help you relax, focus and create peace in your life. The visualization exercise can be tailored to cultivate a new spiritual practice in your life, release limiting beliefs, purge emotional clutter and find joy. Use your imagination as your inner TV to change the channel and watch the latest "show" from a fresh perspective.

Moving Through It

It's not about moving on from someone or from your current life story - it's about moving through it. Each day, a nudge comes along and you have choices: do I shift and adjust? Do I wait and collect more information? Do I get through the day and do nothing at all? This session honors the place you are in, right now, by asking deep questions, helping you reframe and adapt to your surroundings. Create a customized self-discovery map and step onto your newfound path. Moving Through It is a great session if you are undergoing a major life transition such as a career change, new relationship, marital separation, divorce, loss or retirement.  

Sacred Body, Sacred Mission

Yes, you can look in the mirror and smile at your body, your personal temple for your soul and spirit! Explore how your lifestyle and beliefs can support your temple by getting quiet and listening to it. Learn to love and enjoy healthy conversations with your body. Design a daily ritual for embracing your whole self. Sacred Body is a great session if you are struggling with body image, experiencing decreased mobility or recovering from a recent surgery or diagnosis.

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowl Session

Singing Bowl Session

Access a place of deep rest and relaxation through a combination of antique Tibetan singing bowls and crystal bowls. Healing through sound and vibration has been known to reduce stress, enhance concentration and creativity, improve immunity, heighten intuition, harmonize chakras, remove mental and emotional blocks and stimulate flow in the body. During the session, you will lie on the table and allow the sound of these bowls to move gently into spaces in need of restoration and lifting. Rita will be guided to how and where the bowls are played on and around your body.

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