Spirits, Ghosts, and Angels, Oh My!

What does Halloween mean to you? For most people, Halloween stirs imaginations and fuels curiosity about spirits around the world.

There are three types of spirits that interact with the living - Earth Bound, Crossed Over, and Angels + Divine Beings of Life.

There are three types of spirits that interact with the living - Earth Bound, Crossed Over, and Angels + Divine Beings of Life.

Several years ago, I had a spiritual shift that awakened my ability to communicate with spirits. The overwhelming majority of spirits that I work with are Angels, Divine Beings of Light and Cross Overs. The experiences are positive, hopeful and insightful. I will, on very rare occasions, encounter an EB with an attitude - this occurs when I am in someone's home and the EB doesn't like the intrusion on their space. Here is a basic description of these spirits:

Earth Bound Spirits (EBs)/Ghosts

EBs are former humans who spend time roaming around the earth. They find ways to “attach" themselves to their former addictions, people and belongings. Earth Bounds are the subject of numerous TV shows that feature haunted sites. When I feel the presence of EBs, they seem lost, confused and don't know how/where they exist (earth vs. spirit world). Earth Bounds possess the same personality as you would know them when they were alive as humans.  Some EBs are obnoxious and like to rattle people with banging on the floors or walls. Other EBs feel a strong attachment to their home or land and may be found wandering around the area, looking for their family or cleaning the kitchen.

Crossed Over Spirits

Cross Overs left the earth and merged back with the Divine. They tend to show up as relaxed and in great health - even though they may have left a sick/compromised physical body. The Cross Overs usually appear in a way that their earth family is able to clearly identify them (for example, I will see someone wearing a shirt or cooking their famous pie). Their earth family want to reconnect with them again, seek closure on something, see how they are doing in their new "form" and say I love you. Their presence feels positive and their messages are reassuring and so loving. For the earth family, these conversations bridge the gap between their loved ones.  Sessions are emotional, healing and comforting.  

Angels and Divine Beings of Light (Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.)

Angels and Divine spirits may or may not have spent time in a physical body. People seek their protection, love and support for all kinds of reasons. When I connect with these beautiful beings, the room is filled with warmth, big love and peace.   They show up to offer messages of love and to invite the client to call on them anytime for their presence and their help.

These days, I am getting requests for individual and group readings. How does it work? Each person in the group receives a 15 minute angel/intuitive reading. Every reading is unique.  Until the client is in front of me, I never know who is going to show up from the other side with their messages! For group angel readings, I will bring my trusted card deck to find out who is supporting you at this time.

If you and your friends want to visit the playground of the spirits, contact me!