by Greg McKeown

Have you already lost track of your January promises? Feeling overwhelmed with getting through the day-to-day tasks and no time for what matters most to you?

I have just the book for you! In his book, Essentialism, New York Times best-selling author Greg McKeown passionately advocates for living in big and inspired ways based on our talents and what the world needs right now.

He says: "No matter how busy you think you are, you can carve time and space to think out of your workday.” The book outlines a simple formula for distilling what is essential vs. nonessential. Once we get past our obsession with the trivial, distracting and busyness of our lives, McKewon believes that individuals will "tap into more intelligence, capability, resourcefulness and initiative to live more meaningful lives.”

I really appreciate Greg’s stories and insights on setting the world on fire and making a difference.