Self-Care in Social Work: A Guide for Practitioners, Supervisors and Administrators

by Kathleen Cox and Sue Steiner

Hey social workers, are you looking for help in all the wrong places?

While researching for a talk on self-care for supervisors, I ran across this timely and easy-to-read book. Based on literature and professional insights submitted from workshop participants, students and social workers, this book is a great resource to review at least once a year.

Topics range from understanding stress and self-care to creating strategies for self-care on personal and organizational levels. As a helping professional, you will benefit from using the "Reader Reflections” questions on your own, with your supervisor/colleague or in group supervision. The authors took the extra step of posting worksheets, activities and tools on their website.

While you are on the website, share your experiences in regards to stress and coping in social work. If you are searching for a book that strongly advocates for self-care in the workplace, this is it!