The Voice of Promise

Today I am watching the parade in celebration of the Cleveland Cavaliers and their national championship victory.

How are you expressing your winning voice to fulfill your promises?

How are you expressing your winning voice to fulfill your promises?

Over and over, newscasters reminded viewers of all-star player LeBron James and his fulfilled promise of winning the championship. For years LeBron used his voice to instill a message of hope to his fans and team.

Today the Cavaliers and Cleveland community have transcended beyond the promise and are living a reality of triumph. It has been amazing to witness the return of a stronger and more playful vibe to the residents of “Believeland.”

How do you use your winning voice? What is your message? Here are three key ways for expressing yourself:

  1. Sit quietly and think about what you said and did in the past seven days. How do you instill your message in others? One of the words I frequently use is “beautiful.” When I describe something as beautiful, I realize that my mind and heart are positive and open. When I act from a beautiful place, I believe this energy heals the world. Choose and believe in your words. Let them lift you and the world around you.
  2. Recall a promise you kept to yourself, someone else or a cause. How did you move beyond filling a promise and living in a reality of triumph? It’s important to mark the occasion in a joyful way. Set a yearly reminder in your calendar and recall the promise. Hold a moment of silence and smile with gratitude. You may even want to spend time with your tribe and host a fun ritual to honor the promise.
  3. Are you all in? Promises made and kept are the hallmark of integrity. Keeping a promise also promotes our highest self. When we make a promise to hold ourselves accountable we build resilience and show our true colors. It is a chance to stretch in all directions. 

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