Money Issues? Unscramble a Prickly Relationship with a Clearing

Getting personal about your money beliefs is no easy task.

Maybe your definition of wealth is based on what your parents taught you. Maybe money is linked to a painful relationship or represents shame and judgment.

Are you in a rut with your money relationship? Follow this 3 step process and improve how you deal with money.

1. Get clear about your connection with money right now.

On the top of a piece of paper write the word “Money.” For the next 5 minutes, record every idea, feeling and opinion you have when you think of this word. When done, review your notes. Do you see any patterns? Is there anything on this list that you can change from negative to positive?  

As a child my parents talked about money all the time. Usually it was from a place of “We don’t have enough.” In my early twenties, I volunteered with the poor because I felt money caused more problems than opportunities in the world. Although it took many years to unravel from the old guilt trips, I have discovered a growing appreciation of how money supports my well-being, social causes and family adventures.

2. Get clear about your investments.

How do you treat your money? Does it fly out of your hands when you get some or do you hide it under the bed for a rainy day?

Look at your spending for the last 30 days. Do you use money to invest in a happy life?

A friend’s spouse was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. For years, they stared at the bucket list and thought “tomorrow” would be the right time to go after their dreams. Within a month of the doctor visit, they are embarking on an Alaskan cruise. Although they are checking this trip off their list, the cost of waiting is a painful one.

Dear friends, every day is another chance to find what makes you happy. Figure out a way to get there. Release your worries and build confidence in using money to enrich and inspire yourself and others. 

3. Get clear about trusting yourself with money.

Does money make you feel safe or is it choking you? To allow money to flow around you, identify where the roadblocks exist and focus on a plan to open the path for abundance.

Schedule one day a month to look at your spending choices. When you look at your bank statement/credit card bill, find one expense that supported you in a positive way. Smile and say thank you. Be the bridge between your money and a healthy outlook on its role in your life.  

Still feeling stuck in your relationship with money? Schedule a clearing to release old and negative energy around it.