Three Reasons I Almost Fell for Finding My Purpose

Countless times I have heard clients ask out loud, "What is my purpose?" It is without doubt a question which resides somewhere inside us. The answer lies inside as well, but gets covered up by layers of complicated thoughts.

While doing my daily walk, I asked myself this question and the following scenario played out in my imagination. I see the Great One by my side after I leave Planet Earth. He welcomes me with loving arms and asks me about what I left behind for my human brothers and sisters. I ask: "What? Explain what you mean." 

Forget about purpose. How about praciticing something you believe in with all your heart and soul?

He goes on to ask if I left behind love or anger, joy or suffering, kindness or judgment. After a long and uncomfortable pause, I begin to cry as I search for words. I look into the eyes of the Great One and tell him I honestly do not know the answer. 

For those of you who struggle with the purpose question, here are three reasons why I almost fell for finding my purpose:

1.  Purpose demands way too much right off the bat. The fact that so many of us struggle with finding the perfect quest in charge of satisfying us over and over again is a red flag. Time nudges us to stretch, try new ideas and relationships, and fulfill different roles. Does purpose in our 20s look or feel the same as in our 30s, 40s and 50s?

2.  Purpose justifies our existence and actions. We go to school and explore the playground of what we want to be when we grow up. We learn to discuss legal cases, sell cars or start a business. Then life bumps us around and we to take a detour or two. We end up feeling lost and sad because we're getting older and purpose still hasn't shown up at the front door. Questions demanding "right now" answers pile up. Isn't it time we ask a different kind of question?

3.  Purpose connects us to our Higher Self. If the quest for purpose pulls at you, consider this: the Great One doesn't care whether or not you have a purpose. Purpose is a ploy of the ego to survive this earthly world. I doubt the Great One will ask if we left behind a legacy, a checkbook, or an important building in our reunion on the other side.

What might be the most valuable way to feel fulfilled on earth? Forget about the "purpose" thing. May I suggest you set yourself up for continued life success through practice. By that I mean, practice something you believe in with all your heart and soul. You know you are on the trail when you wake up with the sun shining in your heart - for yourself and others. Know that whatever becomes your practice will be enough. Light exists inside and all around you.